Chairman Message

Welcome to the website of the Department of Economics at the Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University (MBSTU), Under the Faculty of Social Science at MBSTU, the department is home to a diverse faculty with 11total faculty appointments.  We have approximately 280 undergraduate and 41 graduate students. We offer bachelors (BSS), masters (MSS) degrees. Including those enrolled in our freshmen-level principles of economics classes, we teach more than 800 students every year, with a majority-minority student population.

Our department community views economics learning as a pathway to careers and opportunities that can be both personally rewarding, while also contributing to improved societal well-being. This is reflected in our department Vision Statement. We value collegiality, intellectual diversity, and excellence. We work to improve the well-being of communities. Collectively, we aspire to:

• Provide quality learning experiences that produce intellectually curious and highly capable graduates

• Conduct policy-relevant and high-quality research

• Serve the community, university, and discipline.

In working towards this vision, the department relies on the dedicated efforts of our professional staff, as well as those of our faculty, including active participation in governance. While striving to improve, we are proud of our research, teaching, and service.

Economics classes have been taught at MBSTU for more than 6 years, with undergraduate degrees beginning in the 2013’s.  Our curriculum includes a full range of regularly-offered, theoretical, topical, mathematical and econometrics courses. The department has offered graduate studies since the 2016-17’s. The research focus of the department is driven by the several fields of specialization for our graduate program: (i) environmental and resource economics; (ii) public economics – with an emphasis in health; (iii) and international development and sustainability and so on.

The department supports economics faculty and student participation in a wide variety of interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary endeavors. This is seen in the many connections both inside and outside the department.

Please use these web pages to learn more about our undergraduate and graduate offerings, as well as the research and service activities in the Department.


Dr. Md Nazmus Sadekin

Associate Professor and Chair

Dept. of Department of Economics | 15 May - 96