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To create high-quality economics and development professionals in the domain of development, financial sector and research both at home and abroad the Department of Economics at the MawlanaBhashani Science and Technology University wended its way from the academic session 2012-13 under the faculty of Social Sciences with 53 students. The aim of the department is to advance economic discourse at the national and international level and to provide a lovesome broad-based education with a focus on professional development for students, in order to furnish them with the knowledge and skills necessary for leading the country in its quest for development.

Our strong commitment to our students is the principal characteristic that distinguishes our international, young and enthusiastic department. The Department is committed to excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Our teaching philosophy is to encourage students to study economic issues in depth and with an independence of mind. For this reason, the emphasis in the teaching program is to help students develop strong analytical and other skills and acquire the ability to critically assess economic arguments.

The Economics Department today is a vibrant collection of faculties. The department has an Advisory Board with eminent economists from home and abroad to oversee its academic curriculum. Our core group of faculty members is reputed for delivering one of the best economics degrees in Bangladesh. Our faculties have a long and distinguished record of working with students on research projects, real research -- not just term papers.

The Department offers an undergraduate degree program leading to Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) and a graduate program leading to Master of Social Sciences (MSS) in Economics. The BSS program spans four years and the MSS spans one year. It believes that the capability of independent thinking and analysis and epistemological development among the students can be installed at the undergraduate level of their education. Our research activities range from a theoretical analysis of the applied econometric evaluation of economic policies, from basic issues of economics to environmental and resource economics. We, therefore, are committed to developing research ability among our students to make important contributions to society. The curriculum mingles the core economics subjects with applied courses to make student fit better either in continuing higher studies or in taking up challenging jobs both at national and international institutions.


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